About Us

Read about us! This is the story of how the Hang-On Lanyard was created.

Carol is a primary teacher and worked in a school where mask wearing became the norm from January until the lockdown in March 2020. Teaching Kindergarten, she had witnessed first-hand the challenges of mask wearing, specifically for primary student age groups. She reflects, “The students were constantly touching the masks and ear loops because they did not stay securely around their little faces. Frequently, their masks would drop on the floors or on the desks, in which they would quickly put them back on

This posed a huge hygiene challenge for Carol in which she started researching mask lanyards for herself and daughter to wear as school re-opened in the Fall 2020. “I looked into mask lanyards online, but in my search, I found that most came with long delivery dates being delivered from overseas, having challenges to find them quickly and made locally. She looked into the required materials and starting making her own prototypes.

From her own experience, Carol knew some of the important features a face mask lanyard would need such as an ear saver option, size adjustability, and a breakaway safety device. During the same time Carol was creating her prototypes, Kim was also sourcing materials and making her own mask lanyards prototypes. Kim has been designing jewelry for over 20 years with her jewelry business www.drift-designs.com.  She knows which materials to use and how to make the mask lanyards for durability and style.

After a brainstorming session together Hang On was born!


The creators of Hang On Lanyards
The creators of Hang On Lanyards